Tesla for rent in Dubai

 Rent Tesla Model 3 - 2020 in Dubai rental Tesla in Dubai
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Tesla Model 3 - 2020
$ 244
 Rent Tesla Model X - 2018 in Dubai rental Tesla in Dubai
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Tesla Model X - 2018
$ 407
 Rent Tesla Model X - 2021 in Dubai rental Tesla in Dubai
Tesla Model X - 2021
$ 519
 Rent Tesla Model X P100 - 2021 in Dubai rental Tesla in Dubai
Tesla Model X P100 - 2021
$ 505
 Rent Tesla Model X - 2017 in Dubai rental Tesla in Dubai
Best deal
Tesla Model X - 2017
$ 297
rental Tesla in Dubai
Tesla Model S - 2016
$ 437

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When it comes to electric cars and vehicles of the top class, there is only one word that comes to mind - Tesla. The famous automaker is based in California. Moreover, it is claimed to be the most powerful and appealing to any customer in the industry. Driving a Tesla is an unrepeatable experience that is entirely different from being a traditional vehicle driver. So, if you've never been behind the wheel of the super-star car, give it a try and hire Tesla in Dubai today!

Rent Tesla in Dubai - Explore the Biggest Name in the Industry

Tesla is such a big name as they were the first to force massive customers to desire and buy electric cars. The cutting-edge technical side and novelty are two more factors making this car so unique and requested.

The essence of Tesla vehicles' design is sleek minimalism - both esthetically and technically. No more puzzling buttons, dials, and knobs! Tesla models for rent are equipped with a massive touchscreen that allows you to control all the processes and functions in one place.

Want to know what it's like to drive this trendy fast beast with an electric vehicle? Hire a Tesla for rent in Dubai and test-drive it for a reasonable price to get a sense of eco-friendly speed. Explore UAE and the world quickly and comfortably while contributing to keeping the world green and saving it for the next generations!

Revolutionary Tesla Car Rental Dubai

Long gone are the days when electric cars moved like snails and couldn't keep up with the high-speed requirements. Tesla's electric motor delivers a maximum of 700 NM and has a power output of 772 hp. Its strength and special "Ludicrous" mode let this auto go from 0 to 100km/h in impressive 2.5 seconds. Only a couple of other car models, available for rent, can keep up with such acceleration.

At the same time, Tesla for rent in Dubai still offers a top level of comfort both for a driver and passengers. Its luxurious leather interior and expansive glass roof will take your driving experience to a whole new level. Tesla can also boast a 5-star safety rating with its steel and aluminum frame and low center gravity.

If you're thinking about buying an automobile but worry about the cost or always wanted to give electric vehicles a try, renting it for a week or a month will feel like a long 100%-true test drive. Get a revolutionary Tesla for rent in Dubai and enjoy a perfect rental car for your individual, group, and family trips or working days!